Master Radiator is a service establishment that specializes in the service and repair of automotive heating and cooling systems.  Master
    Radiator has been in business since 1948, and has been family-owned since 1973.

    Our mission is to be the premier automotive heating and cooling service establishment in southeastern Michigan by assuring complete
    customer satisfaction through a focus on high-quality, dependable service at affordable prices.

    Master Radiator Service, Inc. is positioned to help fill the needs of the community by providing a full-service heating & cooling repair
    facility.  Master Radiator provides repair and replacement services for components such as radiators, condensers, belts, hoses, heater
    cores, gas tanks, water pumps and gaskets.  Along with repair and replacement of vital engine components, Master Radiator also
    provides essential preventative maintenance services such as power flushes and oil changes.  Utilizing our own warehoused parts, 5
    indoor and 3 outdoor working bays, Master Radiator has the ability to serve customers in a timely and efficient manner.
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    Master Radiator is unique within Waterford Township in that it is the only full-service heating and cooling repair shop available.  Master
    Radiator is well known by its customers for having a large and readily available selection of radiators and the ability to repair hard to find
    industrial or antique radiators.  Master Radiator ensures that these parts are readily available by keeping a large inventory of parts in the
    warehouse located directly behind the shop.
Master Radiator Service
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